Let us design and install an irrigation system for you. We build quality systems (Rain Bird®, Hunter®, and Toro®) including the backflow preventer. A rain gauge can also be a great addition to a traditional system to prevent costly, unnecessary watering when Mother Nature has already taken of your garden.


All of our professionally installed irrigation systems include a backflow prevention device. Why? Well, backflow devices are used to prevent the water from moving back into the public water supply once it has entered your irrigation system. This lowers the chances of possible contamination with weed killers, insecticides, fertilizers, domestic animal waste, etc. If water pressure to a locality should drop and then surge again, the line could suck contaminated water from private property back into the public water supply, which is used for drinking and cooking.

Remember that any mechanical device can fail and should be tested regularly. Each state and many municipalities have varying regulations and codes concerning backflow prevention device installation and testing. You can inquire at your local water department for the particular regulations or testing in your city.


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A proper irrigation turn-on is the best way to start the spring season. Each head and zone is assessed for proper coverage and adjusted accordingly. The clock is set to ensure adequate watering for the spring and any necessary repairs are executed.


We have certified backflow testers on staff who are able to test, repair, and install backflow devices. Backflow tests are now required by most municipalities. We provide a copy of the test to the homeowner for their records and submit the original to the city or county requiring the test.


As temperatures drop, the irrigation system will be shut down and blown out with compressed air to prevent freeze damage.

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