Color can have more impact on your property’s landscape than any other design element. Maximize the benefit of seasonal bulbs, annuals and colored plants with our ongoing planting services. With bed preparation, soil additives and fertilization, we can maximize the flower growth at your property. After planting, we can also make routine care visits to dead head annuals and continually water and fertilize your flowers.

We plant top-size spring blooming bulbs, starting in October. They can be planted anytime in fall before the ground freezes.

The tried and true daffodil is one of our favorite bulbs to plant. It comes in a vast array of varieties, sizes, colors, and bloom times. What we really like about the daffodil is that deer and rabbits aren’t interested. Plant daffodils in large drifts vs. single rows for a natural look.

Allium is another favorite that isn’t bothered by deer and rabbits. Its distinctive globe-shaped blooms come in white, pink, yellow, and purple. There are shorter varieties and some that grow up to 4’ tall. Groupings of alliums are a great addition to a perennial bed, as they are long-lasting and the flower head remains intact for a long time, even after the bloom has peaked.


From Christmas decorations to spring and fall-themed arrangements, #1 Landscaping can transform your home or business for the holidays by installing a single festive piece or a full display.

The holiday season is a special time of year that is filled with the warmth of family, friends and memories. Professional decorative lighting and displays greatly enhance the special experience that comes from this joyous time. #1 Landscaping will evaluate and map your property, listen to your desires and create a holiday lighting and decorating plan that accentuates the unique features of your home or business. We will providing a comprehensive array of decorating options – including energy efficient LED lights, supplies, decorations and manpower.

Whether you’re looking for an elegant light display for your home or want to attract customers to your business with holiday décor, we can provide the custom holiday light installation and outdoor decorations that fulfills your needs.


  • Decorate and install outdoor garlands and wreaths for front doors, windows or gates
  • Custom arrangements for any space, large or small
  • Decorated topiaries and trees
  • Custom holiday light installation
  • Design entire set-up and take-down of all clients holiday décor


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